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Yoga is considered as one of the healthiest options for both physical as well as mental well-being of the human beings. Practising yoga stretches, bends and twists the muscles of the body along with controlling breath which plays a vital role in the flexibility of the body. The exercise enables a person to unleash his inner energies to become profuse and rapturous that will expand the sensory body.

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The healthy benefits of Yoga are innumerable since the benefits expand to almost every part of the human body which the ultimate reason behind its immense popularity. Yoga guides a human being to see and experience the whole universe as a part of him, making a conceal of everything into one- the union that yoga creates.

The selected exercise has risen significantly among the millennials much recently across the world. More and more people are trying yoga nowadays and, they are experiencing the benefits of it as well. Regularly practising it brings various mental and physical benefits to the practitioners. The wide variety of advantages like stress relief, reduction in blood pressure and weight loss collectively make yoga a great proposition.

There are a number of impressive benefits of Yoga and some of the major ones are as listed below.

  • Flexibility- The most common advantage of practising yoga is the increment of flexibility in the body. Yoga poses are specially designed to strengthen the muscle tissues of a human. The added flexibility in muscles helps a person to survive injuries, maintain balance and increase blood flow among many others.
  • Strength- Yoga poses also benefit the practitioners in strengthening their body parts. The postures often demand a person to bear body weight in unique and rare ways. While trying out new exercises force them to try those poses, thereby helping to develop muscular strength.
  • Posture- People spends the majority part of their lives by hunching in front of their computer screens. Most people often prefer to ignore the raw worth of maintaining proper body postures. By having an appropriate stance of the body, all our bones and joints and muscles fall into the right alignment and function the way they are expected to do.
  • Physic- Consistent practice of yoga brings strength to the human body. Moreover, with this strength as a by-product, the body also develops added muscle tone. The body shapes in length, lean muscles in legs, arms, back and abdomen.
  • Treatment- People suffers from aches and pains in their bodies due to both internal and external factors nowadays. Practising yoga helps them to cure of momentary pain in muscles and joints. It is a highly recommended solution to heal chronic illnesses caused by different afflictions.
  • Sleep- People are busy more than ever these days. By engaging themselves in the pursuit of success in life, they are choosing to let go of their sleep. However, sleep deprivation can cause some significant health problems. Doctors and medical professionals are recommending yoga, as it brings calmness and peace into mind, thereby complimenting in offering better rest for the person.
  • Pranayama – This actually comes from hatha yoga and ashtanga yoga which is nothing but control of breath. Breath is the vital energy of the body which when appropriately controlled results in health mind as well as the body. Moreover, it helps in the proper circulation of blood thereby keeping away heart problems. It improves concentration and helps in the releasing of stress, anxiety, depression and hypertension. In an addition to this, pranayama can also cure migraine, headache, asthma, neurological and gastric problems.
  • Diseases – Yoga plays a vital role in helping with some of the diseases very effectively. Yoga is highly beneficial in reducing the risk of cardio vascular diseases and its consistent practice keeps the blood pressure under control. Yoga is great for several types of breathing problems or disorders since it helps in much more efficient working of the lungs and by the decreasing of the respiratory rate.
  • Pregnancy – Prenatal yoga is something that is readily recommended in the recent times. Breathing is a very important part of delivering a baby which helps the body to relax and takes the mind away from the strain as well as pain. This is exactly where yoga comes to the rescue. Yoga helps in the exercising of the pelvic floor muscles which needs to support an increased load at the time of pregnancy. During the time of pregnancy, the babies as well as the bellies grow which changes the centre of gravity. In this situation, the proper balance between the lower back muscles and the abdominal muscles helps the pregnant women to stand upright. Yoga helps in the prevention of weakening of the abdominal and the lower back muscles thereby maintain the posture right. Yoga helps in the alleviation of the pressure on the lower back during the shift in gravity at the time of pregnancy.

So, if you haven’t still started practising you, do not waste any more time and start off soon before it’s too late.


Authored By Dr. Sanjay Panicker

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