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Vitiligo (also known as leukoderma) is an autoimmune, dermatological condition in which patches of the skin lose color. This can happen in any part of the body, including the scalp and the inside of the mouth.

While Vitiligo is not life-threatening, it can certainly be life-altering. People who develop this condition tend to lose confidence and self-esteem. This could also lead to chronic depression.


The main symptom of vitiligo is the onset of small white patches on the skin, which then expand in size and to other areas of the body.
While vitiligo does not affect the normal senses of the affected parts, they become more sensitive to sunlight.

Some of the common patterns in which vitiligo appears are:

  • Focal – The patches occur only on specific areas of the body
  • Generalized – The patches occur throughout the body
  • Symmetrical – Identical on either halves of the body
  • Segmental – There’s no definite symmetry. Patches occur randomly on one side of the body
  • Lip-tip – Patches occur on the lips and tips of the fingers and toes
  • Genital – Patches occur on the private parts of the body
  • Over bony areas – Patches occur on the skin near the joints

vitiligo symptoms


The exact cause of Vitiligo is not known. Since it is an autoimmune disease, it can be safe to assume that the immune system may mistakenly attack or destroy the melanocytes of the skin. Vitiligo may also be caused by genetic triggers.


Homeopathic medicines for Vitiligo are selected after thorough examination of the patient’s medical history, physical and mental constitution. Predisposition to the condition is also considered before administering medication.

The homeopathic remedies administered enhance the natural production of pigments. Since Vitiligo is a chronic disorder, the treatment may take a considerable amount of time for it to get cured completely.

Authored By Dr. Sanjay Panicker

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