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Sports injuries

Sports injuries as indicated by the name are the injuries that are related with sports or are associated with training, practicing or playing. Sports injuries occur very often with the players and athletes. Some of the most common sports injuries encountered are as listed below.


Whenever we hear the term sports injury, the first thing that comes to our mind is strains or sprains which is basically the commonest of all and occurs in almost any part of the body especially in the lower limbs as well as the back. Homeopathic treatment aims at treating the injury from the root thereby playing a vital role in improving the overall health condition of the injured individual.

Causes of Sports Injuries

Some of the most common causes of sports injuries are as enumerated below.

  • Lack or proper methods of training or extremely poor training methods are the most common causes of sports injuries. Increasing the intensity of exercising very quickly and not stopping at the time of pain causes the injury.
  • Injury at the time of the game especially in the sports which involves body contact such as rugby, football, boxing, wrestling etc. Also, injury might occur while playing tennis, cricket and badminton are to name a few of them.
  • Structural abnormalities in the players or athletes are also an important cause of sports injuries. There are many who have such arrangement of bones and muscles which makes them vulnerable to be injured. Some of those conditions are uneven length of legs, flat feet or excess pronation, extra high arches or cavus foot, knock knee arrangement, lumbar lordosis, patella alta and a high Q angle.
  • Sports injuries are also caused by weakness in the muscles, ligaments and tendons.
  • Ultimately, if the exercising environment is not safe, sports injuries might occur.

Homeopathic Treatment

Amrita Homeopathy has adequately trained and vastly experienced doctors who make use of the following medicines for the treatment of sports medicines. The use of the appropriate dosage and its frequency makes the overall treatment procedure even better. Apart from the oral doses, the doctors at Amrita Homeopathy also make use of external homeopathic ointments which allow the skin to breathe easily speeding up the process of curing.

  • Arnica is the most common medicine used for sprains, knocks, bruises, falls etc. which basically plays the role of a painkiller.
  • Bellis perennis is used if the bruising is deep where there is an internal feeling of tightness or a tear in the quads where lot of bleeding occurs into the muscles themselves.
  • Ledum is the perfect choice in case of sprained ankles but at the same time the medicine is also used for sprains and strains.
  • Rhus tox comes handy in cases of severe sprains like wrenched tendons or split ligaments.
  • Ruta comes to the rescue if Rhus tox is not proving to be effective for any of the injuries. This medicine is used in cases where the sports injuries are much severe. Ruta is also very effective for tennis elbow.
  • For pains which are tearing in nature and is relieved by heat, the Causticum is the ideal choice.
  • Cuprum metallicum is the homeopathic used in case of muscle cramps.
  • Bryonia is used when the injured individual experience an increased pain which increases with motion.
  • For Achilles tendonitis, Kalium bichromicum is used when the symptoms are found in one part of the tendon and if stiffness is main issue rather than pain where the calf muscles as well as the ankles feel very tight at the time of walking, Cimicifuga is used.

Some Statistics

It has been observed that the prevalence of sports injuries is more common in adolescent players and athletes as compared to the adult ones. As per studies conducted over the last 16 years in the United States of collegiate athletes in 15 different sports, it is revealed that lower limb injury percentage was more than 50, with ankle and knee very commonly involved. Most of the injuries were contact injuries where more occurred during competition as compared to training. Out of the 15 sports, most injuries occurred in football with wrestling ranking second. The increasing popularity of games like football, hockey and kabaddi in India are contributing to the enhancement of percentage of sports injury in the country. Studies have revealed that there is no significant decrease in sports injuries over the past two decades of time.

It has been observed there is a positive correlation between the trends in injuries and demand for the particular sport. The T20 format of cricket is quite popular which is physically quite demanding in nature. This sport showed about 16.8 % occurrence of upper limb injury at the time of fielding. Moreover, it has been observed that 60 % of players were disqualified from the game due to sports injuries that occurred during the course of competition. It was also observed that lower limb injuries occurred maximum in football followed by gymnastics and wrestling. Knee injuries have been observed in a study of 5 years in India in 24 different sports where the rate of injuries is higher during competition as compared to training. Here it was also revealed that non contact injury was more common where the soccer and kabaddi injuries are two of the most prevalent ones.

Authored By Dr. Sanjay Panicker

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