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Varicose Veins and treatment in bangalore

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins the name which is often referred as varicosities or varicoses. It usually occurs when a person’s veins become dilated, enlarged as well as excessively filled with blood. Such a condition is quite common and especially in women. According to reliable and trust- worthy reports, near about twenty five percentage of adults possess varicose veins. In a maximum number of cases, such enlarged veins tend to appear on an individual’s lower legs and are often painful.

Best Vericose veins treatment in bangalore

Generally, varicosities typically appear raised and swollen and also have a reddish or bluish purple color. Such veins may also signal the risk of various other circulatory problems. But, the first step towards knowing more about varicose vein is by having a clear idea of the basic symptoms.


Varicosities may not be painful. Certain signs that a person may observe if he or she has varicose vein are-

  • Veins of your legs tend to appear bulging as well as twisted and often such veins may look like cords.
  • The color of the affected veins turns dark blue or purple.

In some rare cases, painful symptoms and signs might occur. Such symptoms include-

  • Itching around a single or more veins
  • Legs feel heavy or achy
  • Bleeding from the varicose veins
  • Veins get hardened, color changes, inflammation of skin, skin ulcers may appear near the ankle.
  • Pain worsens after standing or sitting for a long period of time.
  • Throbbing, burning, swelling and muscle cramping in the lower legs.

Causes of varicose veins:

By knowing the causes of varicosities, you might get a clear idea about the risk factors as well as which are the genuine reasons that lead to enlarged and diluted veins. First of all, this condition arises when a person’s veins fail to function properly. Veins possess single way valves which prevent the back flow of blood. If the valves fail to perform the exact function, then instead of flowing towards the heart, blood starts colleting in the veins. It is then that the veins begin to enlarge. Though there are various causes of varicose veins yet here is a list of a few of such reasons.

  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • If an individual is over 50 years of age
  • Menopause
  • Standing for very long time periods
  • Family history possessing varicose veins


Though various treatment options are available in today’s modernized medical world yet homeopathy is quite effective as well as a natural mode of treating varicose veins. In homeopathy, the treatment starts with understanding the case history of the concerned patient. In homeopathy, there are more than 100 medicines for the treatment of varicose veins. Medicines like Arnica Montana help to relieve the pain and swelling as well. Other medicines like Hamamelis is the best one for treating varicose veins with bursting and tense feeling in the limbs and the joints. The medicines strengthen the walls of the affected veins. Vipera, muxol, sulphur, tuberculinum and pyrogen are some other excellent remedies for varicose veins.The natural remedies of homeopathy also do not possess any side-effects. Homeopathic treatment does not include any sort of painful and harmful surgical interventions and therefore also has a positive aspect.

Authored By Dr. Sanjay Panicker

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