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Nutrition is actually the science which helps in the clear interpretation of the interaction of all the nutrients as well as the other substances in food in relation to the growth, maintenance health, disease and reproduction of an organism especially the human beings. Nutrition includes the intake of food, its absorption, assimilation, synthesis, then catabolism and ultimately excretion.

Benefits of good and healthy nutrition

Good Nutrition and Its Basic Elements

Good nutrition refers to the consumption of all the essential nutrients in the appropriate amount so that the body functions perfectly without any kinds of problems where the main aim is to maintain an overall good physical and mental health. Good nutrition can also be called a balanced diet which is extremely important for the body to grow new cells and repair the dead cells as a replacement.

The basic elements of nutrition which are all necessary to form a balanced diet or can be considered as good nutrition are as follows.

Carbohydrates – These are the major sources of energy of the body.

Fat – Helps in providing insulation to the body and maintains the temperature of the body. Fat also cushions the organs of the body.

Protein – Helps in providing energy when necessary along with maintaining the water and pH balance. Protein also helps to keep the immune system of the body strong.

Fibres – These are necessary for an overall good digestive health and a regular bowel movement. Also, it helps in the improvement of levels of cholesterol and blood sugar.

Vitamins – These are essential for the proper growth and development of the body.

Minerals – Similar to the vitamins, minerals are extremely important for the body to grow and develop, though they are required in small amounts.

Water – Water basically acts as a thirst quencher but is one of the most important element of nutrition which performs a lot of functions like regulation of body temperature, protecting the major organs & tissues, lubrication of joints and transportation of various substances throughout the body.

Benefits of Good and Healthy Nutrition

Good and healthy nutrition can work wonders to your health as a whole which is the main reason as to why healthcare practitioners as well as the nutritionists recommend to go for a good nutrition or a balanced diet. The associated benefits that one can get from this nutrition or diet are as enumerated below.

Good Heart Health – Proper nutrition including low fats, sodium and cholesterol allows maintaining a good heart health which readily lowers the risk of developing a heart disease.

Healthy Bones and Strong Teeth – A proper diet with the necessary amount of calcium helps in keeping the bones healthy and the teeth strong.

Energy Levels are Optimum – One of the top benefits of going for a healthy nutrition is that you would always be full of energy without the dropping energy levels drastically.

Good Brain Health – Brain is the most vital organ of our body which needs to be in the perfect working and functioning condition which can be achieved with the help of a good nutrition.

Maintaining Optimal Body Weight – A good nutrition or a balanced diet is quite essential for maintaining the perfect weight of the body which in turn plays a vital role in keeping the individual healthy.

Better Mood – It has been observed that a proper nutrition has a very close relationship with mood. If the diet is balanced, the individual would have a better mood as compared to the ones who are not getting a proper nutrition.

Improvement of Memory – A healthy and nutritious diet is associated with improved memory which is another of the great benefits that cannot be overlooked.

Good Sleep – A healthy and good nutrition is capable of providing a good night’s sleep which is extremely essential.

Ultimately, it quite evident that a good and balanced nutrition would certainly help in the maintenance of an overall good health which plays a significant role in the overall well being of the individual.

Authored By Dr. Sanjay Panicker

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