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Verified Patient

The consultation was good. Doctor explained all aspects in detail. Very courteous staff. I have come here for treatment because my mother is cured of her psoriasis problem. Thanks to Dr.Sanjay and Dr. Shruthi.


Consulted Dr. Sanjay Panicker (Homoeopath) for Allergic RhinitisCough Treatment

I recommend the doctor

Happy with: Doctor friendlinessExplanation of the health issueTreatment satisfactionValue for moneyWait time

Visited for my son has been suffering from Allergic Rhinitis and cough for last 5 years. After having started medication, his health is under little control now. Strongly hope he will be completely recovered as I continue medication.I sincerely appreciate doctor for his friendliness, diagnosis, patience and availability for help. Many Thanks.

Consulted Dr. Sanjay Panicker (Homoeopathy)

I recommend the doctor

Happy with: Doctor friendlinessExplanation of the health issueTreatment satisfactionValue for money

Have been having hair fall and thining of hair, consulted doctor for my concern, doctor was really good , polite and he explained the causes very well , asked him number of questions he explained everything without hesitating, started with treatment sessions and medicines, hope for the best result, but at times due to office work I fail nor skip taking tablets hope it won't impact treatment, good thing to share my brothers undergoing treatment ,

results are great, hope my treatment goes fine, ending up with good results regarding hair fall and thining of hair , well am already aware hair results always takes Lil time to see changes, so will never come to conclusion judging about the treatment, hope other folks understand this before judging his treatment procedure .....

Had other multiple health concern like constipation started taking medicines and can see the result and changes .....

Very promising doctor, I recommend strongly , true thing he z so much concerned about his patients, each and everything z taken care by him well

Thanks you Dr. Sanjay

Sayan Banerjee

I recommend the doctor

Happy with: Doctor friendlinessExplanation of the health issueTreatment satisfactionValue for moneyWait time

Dr. Bandita is a very professional and friendly doctor. Her explanation of health issue is very good. I have been to her many times and it has been a very good experience.

Recommend her for all sorts of homeopathic treatment.

Suparno Banerjee

Visited For Gastrointestinal Problems

I recommend the doctor

Happy with: Doctor friendlinessExplanation of the health issueTreatment satisfaction

Visited for extreme headaches and gastric problems.... the doctor was very patient and explained everything properly. I noticed effective improvement in my health after I started taking the medicines prescribed.

Mrs.Ranjana Sinha

Consulted Dr. Sanjay Panicker (Homoeopath)

I recommend the doctor

Happy with: Doctor friendlinessExplanation of the health issueTreatment satisfactionWait timeValue for money

Dr. Sanjay Panicker was extremely patient in listening and curing my health as I was suffering from sudden onset of Mastitis post one month of delivering my daughter.

I am completely healthy and still continuing breastfeeding as my daughter turns a year old.

I thank him sincerely and recommend him.

Krishna B

Consulted Dr. Sanjay Panicker (Homoeopath)

I recommend the doctor

Happy with: Doctor friendlinessExplanation of the health issueTreatment satisfactionValue for money

I visited doctor for hair fall and facial itching. I visited other doctors before for hair fall and took prp sessions also but no significant result.

So, Dr. Sanjay suggested to go for mesotherapy which actually worked quite well for me. After 10 sessions, i can say that my hair fall is reduced significantly. Even my facial allergy has reduced but still a long way to go.

Overall i am happy with the treatment.


Visited For Piles

I recommend the doctor

i had severe pain and discomfort while passing motion and was not able to sit comfortably,...i met this doctor and surprisingly my discomfort and intensity of pain came down within 2 week after medication,.....i liked the case analysis part,i came to know about myself after the analysis,...its a total new experience unlike other clinics


Visited For Skin Care
I recommend the doctor

The medicine suggested by the doctor are really effective for my Skin problem suffering from the past 5 years. my skin is very dry and itching is more. after taking the medicine my problem is reduced alot and its better overall i am happy with the treatment. I recommend to my family and freinds


Consulted Dr. Sanjay Panicker (Homoeopath) for Homeopathic Treatments

I recommend the doctor

Thank you soooooo much Dr Sanjay. The sufficient stars are not available to give as per the rating is concern. We get the very quick improvement on the voice disorder. And the improvement is made as the time of improvement that you mentioned in the first diagnosis, thank you so much.


Consulted Dr. Sanjay Panicker (Homoeopath)

I recommend the doctor

I had a detailed consultation and the doctor understood the problem exactly and after taking his medicnes for 6 months my stones miraculously passed in the urine last week. I am extremely thankful to doctor for helping me to avoid a surgery. Its an awesome experience at the clinic.

Verified Patient

Dr. Sanjay is a very friendly doctor, he explains the issue properly, gives good medicine and also tells about necessary precautions to be taken. Most important is that he gives importance to each and every patient of his.

I was suffering from pilonidal sinus. Allopathy doctors suggested surgery and told it was the only way out. But Dr. Sanjay treated my sinus with his medicines without any surgery.

Verified Patient

I recommend the doctor

Happy with: Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue

Dr. Sanjay is a very friendly doctor, he explains the issue properly, gives good medicine and also tells about necessary precautions to be taken. Most important is that he gives importance to each and every patient of his.

I was suffering from pilonidal sinus. Allopathy doctors suggested surgery and told it was the only way out. But Dr. Sanjay treated my sinus with his medicines without any surgery.

Shalini Sevlani (Verified)

Visited For Skin Specialist through Homoeopathy
I recommend the doctor

Happy with: Doctor friendlinessExplanation of the health issueTreatment satisfaction

This was my first visit at Amrita Homeopathy. I went there for treatment of my acne and scars. He is the first doctor who explained what exactly issue is and why I am getting these acne. I would highly recommend this doctor because of following reasons:

1. Detailed examination of issue

2. Value for money

3. Doctor's friendliness

4. He practices curing the issue permanently instead of short term recovery

Vidya Narayan Panicker

Happy with: Doctor friendlinessExplanation of the health issue

A friend of mine at work referred the doctor and clinic. Went with less hope of curing my skin disease. But while I started my treatment and completed 3months my negative hope turned to positive and started believing. My circle of people who new about my challenge started complimenting stating there has been food improvement and even I started feeling the same. Now with high positive hope and will continue my treatment till the end and follow the instructions advised by the doctor and I'm sure with complete cureness of my disease. Thanks to Amrita homeo

LENA (Malayali Movie Actress)

Thanks to Dr. Sanjay for curing various illnesses that have worried me from time to time. Homeopathy has always been a mild and comforting way to health


My sun (2.5 years old) was suffering from fever, cold and cough every month. If he will go to school one day, next 10 days he will not go to school because of cold and cough. I have consulted many pediatricians, but no use. My son was looking very weak because of medicine. Finally, doctors told me we are not helpless. Then, we decided to take homeopathy hospital. We have searched for best homeopathy hospital near by our location. Finally, we have chosen Amrita Homeopathy and consulted Dr. Sanjay Panicker. At the time of consulting doctor, my son was suffering from severe cough. He was explaining root cause of this problem and gave medicine. I was surprised, with in one hour there was no cough. Now I am very happy… My son is playing well… He is so active… going to school regularly…


Happy with: Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction Visited for Alopecia Aerata and Psoriasis, both being auto-immune. Given the fact that allopathy has no cure to these auto-immune diseases, homeopathy proved to be a bliss. Though it took a considerable amount of time, I saw persistent results.

Dr. Sanjay, a very humble person, I cannot thank him enough.


After trying IVF without success, i took a break and decided to go with homeopathy treatment. I was able to conceive successfully within 8 months of treatment.

My heart felt gratitude and thanks to my colleague MrsJisha Sanjay and my family Dr. Sanjay Panicker.


Extremely patient and friendly. is very knowledgeable and meticulous in his approach. provides lot of support in his explanation and cure process. Medicine for various different ailments has been extremely effective.


Dhruv has sensitive skin hence suffered from rash on face. Dr. Sanjay was very patient and attentive. He is extremely responsive and his trestment has served well so far. I strongly recommend Dr. Sanjay for homeopatic medicines.


My kid who s 3 yrs old had been suffering from severe cold and cough once in every 2 weeks for almost 8 mnths.. After lot of research, I shifted from allopathy to homeopathy.. He was diagnosed with acute bronchitis and has been on medication for past 3 months as prescribed by Dr. Sanjay and the results are just awesome. His immunity has improved a lot. His cold n cough comes only once a month or once in 2 months and the severity has also reduced. I do still give cough syrup when he coughs vigorously but tats just for a day or single dose and he becomes completely alright with d continuation of the homeo medicines!! The doctor is very patient for our queries during the visits as well as in calls. Am really stress free now and the no of leaves I have taken from off has been reduced drastically


Dr. Sanjay is awesome. He is very patient, professional, keen to details, pleasant and too good. I have been visiting him the past 4 years and every time he is beyond my expectations. His knowledge and command over the subject & understanding the patient is very impressive. He gives the apt medicines and really does not bother about the commercial part of it; only looks at the quality treatment.

We zeroed antibiotics and avoided all seasonal fevers & troubles with his medicines. If I list the benefits will be a long laundry list. In a but shell, he is too good!!! One should try at least once.


This is not my first feedback though.

I posted it some 4 months back.

So, i completed almost 7 months of treatment from Drsanjay.

Now i can happily say that my condition is almost 70% improved.

My parents who saw me after months appreciated the changed me.

Acne have reduced blemishes have lighten and periods are normal.

Though i am still waiting for the best results and will be updating once that is achieved. Cant believe homeopathy has done the thing which logical treatment like chemical peeling laser failed to do.

@Drsanjay…cant thank u enough..hoping that the coming months prove out to be more effective and i soon post about my 100% recovery.THANKS AGAIN


Consulting with Dr Sanjay has been one of my very good decisions in life. I used to get tired, suffer severe headaches. I feel so relieved these days. It has been 2 months now. I am seeing improvement every week.

Dr. Sanjay is a very good person. He also believes in helping patients in need. He is curing my cook free of cost who had wasted one lac in his kidney operation and couldn’t afford to pay anymore! This is an excellent example of being human. I would like to recommend him through this portal to all the people to try homeopathy medication and see results.


Doctor was very polite n gives a patient hearing to all problems. Of course the problem was explained in detail n the right diagnosis too. I would definitely recommend Dr Sanjay to my family n friends.


It is really a pleasure to meet Dr.Sanjay, for the Tinnitus, the humming sound reducing day by day. The treatment offered by Dr.Sanjay is simply fantastic. He always listens and provides the right treatment. When I met first time, I really surprised and asked the question to the doctor, whether the humming sound can be solved? But after started the treatment from Amrita, I personally realised that this is possible.

Definitely from my heart, I personally appreciate the care taken by the doctor and his team is simply awesome. My heartful wishes to the entire Amrita team on this treatment and hope this great service can be continued for ever. Thanks and good wishes from my entire family.


All details were collected patiently and courteously.the root cause and possible methods of treatment also explained far so good.


The doctor is very polite and listened all our problems with patience and gave the medication with in the span of 2 weeks problem was reduced very well recommended to others


He is a great doctor, one who practices for service not for money. I strongly advice people to take his consultation without any second thought.


Highly recommend doctor sanjay for warts and other skin deseases. Doctor was polite and explained problems and diagnosis methods in detail.


I have really liked the way doctor Sanjay understands the real problem. There has been improvement over time.


Good experience overall. patiently explains the problem and the cure. Initially took my mom in law when she was really tired from fever, cough and throat irritation. His medication helped immensely. Re visited the doctor again, to consult for skin irritations. Totally convinced with his treatment. Totally recommended.

Verified patient

Doctor is of great help. Understand the problem and start the medication only after that. Already medicines have started showing effects. Highly recommended


I am suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis. I initially had a problem of not able to sleep. Can’t stand for more than 20min. I have searched in internet and found Dr. sanjayPanicker. Fixed an oppointment and took medicine for one month. 70 percent of my problem is under control. I am able to walk freely and sleep freely. I some times forgot my pain totally. I am Really happy.

Special Thanks to Dr. Sanjay Panicker.


Dr.Sanjay has an immense experience in this area of Hairtreatment, skin. He is very amicable & patient when dealing with patients. He clearly explains the hair health issues and an appropriate medical solution. Dr.Sahana is another gem at this clinic who took my detailed case analysis. She does the case followup consistently with my case. I have been taking hair treatment at amrita clinic from past 8 weeks. My hair fall has got better than before. I would highly recommend this clinic for Hair and skin treatment.


Doctor with good knowledge. . Has got enough experience. . Explains everything with patience. . Recommended ..


Appreciate the time spent on collecting details of the the patient for better diagnosis. The practical approach towards the problem in hand, eased me as a patient and settled my anxiety

Dr Sanjay is a friendly and polite doctor,he listens patiently and is approachable

Towards the end of the session when he said, “we will take care of your hair” , it increased my confidence in the treatment and I knew I am in safe hands. Thank you Doctor for being compassionate Such words means a lot for a patient !


I consulted doctor Sanjay for wart removal and after 3,4 months now I am really pleased with the results. Doctor is very friendly and he listens to your problems keenly and he is ready to explain you things in detail and to provides appropriate solutions.

I strongly recommend Dr.Sanjay for all skin/wart related diseases.


It was a good experience so far. We are into the third year of treatment. My son’s situation has improved a lot than before.


Doctor is friendly and listen to patient calm with good suggestions. Doctor also suggest other possible options and provide right guidelines.


Experience is good. The doctor examines patiently and the treatment is working well for me. I was having facial and body warts problem. Within a month of treatment the warts on my hand disappeared and I’m expecting speedy recovery from my facial warts too.


Drsanjay is very experienced and professional .hequicky understands the problem. within just 2 months of treatment only i have started seeing the improvement. after giving up on all the allopathy and chemical treatment like peeling , laser and applying layers of creams i used the solution provied by the docter. And i can see the difference. Hoping and waiting for the best resultss.

PS: Never underestimate the power of homeopathy..

Thanks @sanjayPAnicker


Face Warts treatment is going on since 2 months anod condition is improving day by day …thanks to doctor Sanjay


Dr. Sanjay has been instrumental in getting my 5yr old daughter treated at most tough times of her health state. She is being monitored by him ever since she was 22 months old to cure her of her Allergy that has been genetically inherited . This year she has been visibly stable and has hardly been sick or down with a fever thankfully. Thanks to doctor for his timely support. He has always been just a call away.

Happy for doctor having had started off a new branch to benefit everyone. Way to go doctor


It was good meeting Dr.SanjayPanicker.I consulted him for joint ache which I am suffering from past 3 months..and also for hypothyroidism. He is treating me from past 2months and i felt better within 1 month of his treatment itself and I’m still was pleasure to meet him and thank you doctor.


I found Dr. Sanjay as a highly skilled and experienced and patient enough to hear the details of the problem and a good diagnostics. He has suggested medicine for the quick relief as SoS and regular course medicine which I am taking now and seen the result. I am feeling better for this cold december with dynamic weather.


Doctor Sanjay diagnosed my problem very quickly and was instrumental in curing it by removing the root cause of the issue.I will strongly recommend him if you are looking for a knowledgeable and specialized homeopathic doctor. His analysis is bang on and medicines given by him are very effective. I have recommended him to most of my friends and family members who all have equally benefitted. Visit him once and am sure you will not be disappointed. I wish the doctor continued success.


It has been a great experience in the clinic. I took 10 sessions of hair revival treatment. After 4-5 sessions itself I felt the difference in hair fall and fine hair growth. Before completing the 10 sessions I could see lot of hair growth all over the scalp. Hair fall has stopped completely. I am quite happy with the results after the hair revival treatment.

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