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female pattern baldness treatment in bangalore

Female Pattern Baldness – Overview

female pattern baldness treatment in bangalore

Female pattern of baldness is otherwise called as Androgenic Alopecia. The hair loss happens in a particular pattern. The partition gets wider and temples thin out, the hair on the top of the head starts thinning, leading to, sparse hair on the crown area.

This is mostly visible in women after menopause, but in rare occasions can be seen in young women, which can be attributed to hereditary.

A normal rate of hair loss would be around 50 -100 hairs a day. But those with female pattern baldness can lose more.


There are three ways in which the baldness can occur:

  • Type I is a small amount of thinning that starts around your part.
  • Type II involves widening of the part, and increased thinning around it.
  • Type III is thinning throughout, with a see-through area at the top of your scalp.

It is usually not accompanied with itching or sores on the scalp.

female baldness treatment bangalore


There can be various causes for female pattern baldness. They include

  • Hereditary – Genetics plays a role in determining whether or not one will experience baldness
  • Age – Mostly women over the age of 40 or 50 experience gradual thinning of hair, eventually leading to baldness
  • Changes in the levels of androgen in the body
  • Nutritional deficiencies due to lack of iron and protein intake
  • Emotional trauma like stress, grief etc.
  • Use of hair straightening and coloring products, tight ponytails etc.
Dianosis of Hair Conditions

Dianosis of Hair Conditions

Hair Density

Hair Density

Condition of hair strainds

Condition of hair strainds 


  • Genetic
  • Hormonal- Thyroid/Diabetes/PCOD/Uterine fibroids/Cushing’s syndrome/Addison’s disease etc
  • Stress
  • Dandruff
  • Change of water
  • Anemia
  • Poor diet
  • Bad management of hair- Not using the right kind of shampoos and oils
  • Cosmetic treatment- straightening/ colouring/ rebounding/ perming/curling etc
  • Liver disorders
  • After major illness
  • Drug induced – Anti epileptics/Anti depressants/Minoxidal and Fenestride withdrawal/antibiotics/Oral contraceptive pills etc


  • Homeopathy is a safe method of treatment
  • It works on improving immune system and thus treating the problem by taking care of the root cause
  • Scientifically proven to have Zero side effects
  • No painful procedures


Homeopathic remedies are selected and customized for each patient. It effectively treats the primary cause of hairloss. At Amrita, we have several techniques to prevent hairfall, as well as grow new hair. These include the Grow Hair Technique, Hair Revival Therapy (exclusive to us), STM therapy, Stem Cell Therapy and PRP Treatment. Grow Hair and Hair Revival therapies are essentially the same where a high protein serum is applied onto the scalp every week, and within 10 weeks, the patient notices a significant improvement in the hair texture and volume. This is a very effective and fast method, where the patient can start seeing results within 2 and a half months. STM therapy is a technique where the blocked hair follicles are opened through a derma roller, and then the serum is applied and the same procedure is followed. Stem cell therapy uses plant stem cells, which is why the success rate is only 56%. It is generally not a preferred technique, unless the patient’s medical history calls for it. PRP is a technique where the blood of the patient is taken, and centrifuged in a machine. The platelets with growth factors are then taken and applied on the scalp, and a roller is used to let the serum enter into the scalp. We follow a non-injectable technique. The patient notices changes in 4-5 weeks. As a last resort, we have also tied up with other clinics to provide for hair transplantation.

Authored By Dr. Sanjay Panicker

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