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Female Infertility

female infertility treatment

Infertility is the condition where a woman cannot get pregnant, despite having repeated unprotected sex for over a year.


The main symptom of infertility is the inability to get pregnant despite repeated attempts. Some of the other typical symptoms include:

  • Irregular menstrual cycles
  • Abnormal periods with either excessive bleeding, or spotting
  • Absence of periods
  • Lower libido
  • Breakouts
  • Abnormal male pattern hair growth
  • Loss of hair or thinning of hair


Most cases of female infertility are caused due to problems in ovulation. Without ovulation, there are no eggs to be fertilized. Ovulation problems can be caused due to multiple factors like

  • Damage to the fallopian tubes – Fallopian tubes carry the eggs from the ovaries to the uterus. Damaged fallopian tubes may be a result of pelvic infections, endometriosis or surgery
  • Uterine fibroids – These are non-cancerous clumps of tissue and muscle on the walls of the uterus
  • Hormonal problems
  • PCOS
Ovultion Check

Ovultion Check

Uterus Examination

Uterus Examination


X-Ray Or Laproscopy


The ovulation cycle of the patient will be observed and tracked in the initial phase of the diagnosis. An ultrasound, laparoscopy or an x-ray may be used to check for the underlying cause of infertility.

If the infertility is caused due to conditions like PCOS or fibroids, homeopathy serves as the best option to eliminate it without the use of conventional drugs that have a lot of side effects. In case the infertility is caused due to ignorance of the couple regarding the proper cycles of ovulation, open communication and counseling with the doctor are suggested, based on which, the optimum time for having intercourse will be discussed. Post consultation and administration of suitable medicines, lifestyle changes like diets and yoga are also suggested by our in-house experts.

Homeopathy works at a holistic level where both partners are analyzed thoroughly to eliminate any underlying cause of infertility.
Once the cause of infertility is determined correctly, and the right remedy is administered, you may be able to conceive as early as within 6 months to a year. It might take longer depending on the severity of your condition.

Authored By Dr. Sanjay Panicker

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