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Lipolysis refers to the breaking down of lipids which actually involves the hydrolysis of the triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol. This generally occurs in the aft tissue or the adipose tissue where lipolysis is used in the mobilisation of the stored energy at the time of exercising or fasting. Lipolysis is basically a type of cosmetic surgery which targets the small deposits of fat deposited on various parts of the body.

lipolysis bangalore

The main aim of the process is braking those deposited fats so as to bring about a proper shape of the body.

Who is Suitable?

The procedure of lipolysis is a much safer one as compared to the other similar methods of breaking down of fatty tissue form the body but the procedure is not recommended for all individuals. In particular, lipolysis is not at recommended for the individuals who are obese. The candidate for lipolysis might be a suitable one in the following cases.

  • Deposition of fatty tissue in the abdominal area
  • If there is extra fat deposition in the hip region
  • The thighs have more fatty tissue in it
  • A lot of fatty tissue is deposited in the buttocks
  • One who has undergone a drastic weigh loss and are looking forward to that final touch
  • The women who have had a baby and have no plans of becoming pregnant any more
  • The procedure is suitable for the ones who are not being able to get their dream figure in spite of trying their best at diet, exercising and a lifestyle which is healthy

It is always recommended to go for the procedure only after detailed consultation from an expert and get it done by a licensed and experienced cosmetic or plastic surgeon.

How Does the Process Work?

The process of lipolysis is quite similar to that of mesotherapy but this one is a more advanced form of treatment as compared to mesotherapy. Lipolysis uses some injectable medicines to break down the cells of the fatty tissue which results in causing the cell walls to burst thereby killing and destroying the cells. Now the contents of the cells including the fat is transported to the liver. The liver now processes the fat, then metabolises it and finally excreted in a safe way.

Benefits of the Process

The process of Lipolysis has a number of benefits as compared to the other similar methods of breakdown of fats which are as enumerated below.

  • First of all, the procedure is a non - surgical one and is minimally invasive which is the reason as to why it is so much preferred.
  • There is almost no or minimum risk of scarring.
  • The process is much safer and the chances of complications are readily minimised.
  • Lipolysis is devoid of severe side effects.
  • Lipolysis is not a very lengthy procedure and has a much shorter recovery time as compared to the other methods of breaking down of fats.
  • Ultimately, Lipolysis puts a less pressure on the pocket since the prices are affordable when compared to liposuction and other similar methods.

Homeopathic Lipolysis

Homeopathic lipolysis is basically a cosmetic procedure that is completely natural which helps in breaking down of extra fat stored in numerous parts of the body. This particular procedure of treatment involves the use of fine injections containing the most appropriate homeopathic medicines made from the natural ingredients thereby making the process a totally natural one. Homeopathic lipolysis at Amrita Homeopathy is carried out by adequately trained and vastly trained surgeons so that the procedure provides a satisfactory and a long - lasting result at the same time.

Advantages of the Procedure

The numerous advantages of homeopathic lipolysis are as follows.

  • The procedure does not cause any kinds of side effects
  • Helps in providing an effective treatment
  • Cost is on the lower side and hence easily affordable

Types of Homeopathic Medicines Used

At Amrita Homeopathy, the expert doctors make use of the most appropriate medicines in the perfect dosages to get the desired results. The types of medicines have the below mentioned properties.

  • The injectable medicines are isotonic in nature.
  • The medicines are very easily tolerated by the cells.
  • No medicines provoke any kinds of allergies.

It has been observed that at present, a lot of people opt for lipolysis and that too homeopathic lipolysis instead of the other procedures used for breaking down of fat which is why the procedure has gained a lot of popularity in the recent times. Not only the method is effective but also completely natural.

Authored By Dr. Sanjay Panicker

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