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Amenorrhoea is referred to as a condition in females of the reproductive age where menstrual period is absent. In general, amenorrhoea is classified into two main types.

  1. Primary Amenorrhoea – This is the condition when a girl over fifteen years of age never had her period at all. This might be caused due to hormonal problems or malfunctioning ovaries, uterus etc. where the girl has not attained puberty and has no reached menarche. Also, there are no signs of appearance of secondary sexual characteristics as well.
  2. Secondary Amenorrhoea – This is the condition where a female had regular periods but it has stopped for a time duration of six months or more. This might be caused due to some natural changes in the body such as during pregnancy and breast feeding, the females stop menstruating but had regular periods earlier.

Homeopathic treatment for Amenorrhoea has been long preferred by the females suffering from this condition and Amrita Homeopathy makes sure to provide the best quality treatment to provide a permanent cure which is not only efficient but also effective at the same time.

Few Important Statistics

Amenorrhoea is a very common cause of trouble for the Indian female population where they are affected with some or the other problems with their periods, be it irregular, excessive or scanty periods. It has been observed that about 2.5 percent of the female population attaining puberty is affected by primary Amenorrhoea. On the other hand, the occurrence of secondary Amenorrhoea has a quite variable statistics ranging from 3 percent to 100 percent of the female population under the influence of extreme emotional or physical stress.

menstrual problems treatment bangalore

Causes of Amenorrhoea

There are a number of causes and risk factors for Amenorrhoea which are as listed below.

  • Being overweight or obese might cause Amenorrhoea.
  • Females with a very low body fat, less than about fifteen to seventeen percent of the body weight might be another important cause.
  • Poly cystic ovarian syndrome might be causing Amenorrhoea in the females.
  • If the thyroid gland is over reactive in nature, it can give rise to Amenorrhoea.
  • Extreme emotional stress can result in this condition as well.
  • Excessive exercising can be another cause of the specific condition.
  • The use of some contraceptive pills can cause Amenorrhoea which might take a number of months for periods to begin again.
  • Any kinds of radiation treatment especially for cancer or chemotherapy can might give rise to Amenorrhoea.
  • There are other causes of hormonal problems such as any kinds of long term illness like heart disease or cystic fibrosis, genetic disorders or defects or problem with the ovaries can cause Amenorrhoea in females.

Symptoms to Identify

Absence of periods is the major symptom of Amenorrhoea. There are some additional symptoms which depend on the cause of the condition as are follows:

  • Sudden gain or loss in weight
  • Changes in the size of the breast or a milky discharge from the breasts
  • Loss of hair
  • Appearance of acne
  • Facial hair growth is increased
  • Changes in the vision or headache ranging to mild to moderate
  • Pain in the pelvis

Treatment Offered

Homeopathic treatment offered at Amrita Homeopathy is aimed at accurate diagnosis of the cause of Amenorrhoea along with a careful studying of the symptoms and then proceeding with the most appropriate medicines for the purpose of curing the condition at its best. The most common medicines used for the treatment of Amenorrhoea in females at Amrita Homeopathy are as enumerated below.

  • Senecio Aureus and Natrum Muriaticum are the best homeopathic medicines used when there is a delayed start of the periods in the young females. Senecio Aureus is also very helpful when periods are delayed along with backache and cough.
  • Staphysagria and Cimicifuga are used at the time when the periods are irregular, profuse and associated with a lot of pain.
  • Magnesium Carbonicum and Euphrasia are the homeopathic medicines used for periods that are scanty in nature. In this case, the period is extremely painful and generally lasts for a few hours to maximum a day.
  • Natrum Muriaticum is the perfect medicine when periods are delayed as a result of depression or grief or any kinds of extreme emotional stress. Ignatia is also used when the periods are delayed after getting a shocking news or from extreme fear.
  • Aletris and Kali Carbonicum are used for anaemic women who have sore genitals. These medicines work great in women who are always extremely weak with violent backache and feeling tired.
  • Sepia and Pulsatilla are the two homeopathic medicines used in cases where the periods are delayed in females as a result of poly cystic ovarian syndrome which is basically an imbalanced condition of hormone which is characterised by irregular, extreme or scanty periods. Pulsatilla in particular works best for periods with thick and dark clots and Sepia takes care of the hormonal disorders.

Authored By Dr. Sanjay Panicker

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