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Homoeopathic Management of Psoriasis on the Scalp

Date :10-Dec-2019

Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin condition that affects two to three per cent of the population. There is also its appearance: unremitting itchy, scaly and inflamed plaques that occur on any part of the body and scalp.

Pscoriasis Disease

Why does Psoriasis occur?

There are no exact instances of psoriasis, although there is significance of this disease, it can be caused to the one who has the family history of psoriasis to develop and progress. According to research, almost one-third of patients who develop such disease may have one or more relatives with the disorder. A child is at 60 percent on risk of developing psoriasis, if their parents are affected by this disorder. Two vital genes (PSORS1 and PSORS2) recognized along with various other that seems to play major role. Some researchers believe that elevation of white blood cells in the middle of abnormal layers of skin causes psoriasis.

How to recognize Psoriasis?

Psoriasis disease affects the growth of skin cells which leads to thick layers of cells which grow and multiply before the earlier cells sheds. The result is the characteristic of psoriatic - skin patches with lamella.

Typical features include:

  • Red, thickened patches, depends upon the type of Psoriasis you are suffering from, it may differ from small rain-drops appearance to big patches.
  •  The wounds are covered with silvery lamella
  •  Itching is very common
  •  Discomfort or pain at the site of lesions
  •  The lesions are dry and it may cause crack on the skin and bleeding
  •  Nails may be pitted, thickened or ridged.
  •  Swelling and stiffness of joints, when it appears in the joint

Homeopathy cure for Psoriasis

The best way to treat psoriasis is diagnosing the disease using homeopathic method; it cures the disease from inside out. This method needs selecting a specific remedy of homeopathy which addresses the whole body of a patient and restores harmonious balance. Besides treating the fundamental health issue, homeopathy also help you cures such diseases like psoriasis.

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Blog reviewed by: Sanjay Panicker
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