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Hepatitis B: Can Homeopathy Help Cure It?

Date :28-Aug-2019

Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection remains a major world health concern. The infection is the primary root cause of liver cancer, liver cirrhosis (scarring), and liver failure leading to 1.34 million deaths every year. According to the recent research of WHO, 2 billion individuals worldwide have been infected, and 50 million new cases have been diagnosed. 

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is a viral infection caused by the Hepatitis B virus. The virus mainly attacks the liver leading to both acute and chronic diseases. An acute hepatitis B is the newly acquired infection whose symptoms will develop from one to four months after getting infected with the virus. These symptoms resolve over weeks to months, and the people can be cured of the infection. A chronic hepatitis B is an infection with HBV that lasts longer than six months. Once the infection becomes chronic, it may never go away completely. Over 90 percent of all Hepatitis B cases are considered acute, while 10 percent are considered chronic.

The possible chances of transmission of the diseases are, sexual contact, blood transfusion, or exposure to an infected person's blood via cuts, open sores, shared needles and razors, or ear piercing tools. It can also spread from mother to baby during birth.

The implementation of HBV vaccination programs has led to a vital reduction in infection rate. However, this virus remains as one of the reasons behind the cirrhosis of the liver and malignant hepatoma.

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Treatment in homeopathy

Homeopathy has proven its efficiency in the treatment of a wide range of viral infections, including HBV. The treatments of homeopathy work on the principle of identifying and eliminating the underlying factor responsible for the disease. The medicines arouse the individual's inherent capability of healing and keep the disease under control, along with a remarkable improvement within the associated symptoms.

Amrita homeopathy, one of the most advanced homeopathic clinics in Bangalore, helps to identify the root cause of the disease and provide you with world-class homeopathic treatments. 

Common remedies include:

Silymarin: This is a very common remedy in homeopathic treatment for liver diseases extracted from Carduus Marianus plant

Acetic acid: This is used for reducing Sleeplessness during hepatitis and diarrhea during jaundice.
Chelidonium: A prominent remedy for liver diseases, jaundiced skin, pain under the right scapula, and liver enlargement.

Lycopodium: is used when liver functions are severely disturbed, emaciation, debility, and brown spots on the abdomen.

The best aspect of homeopathic treatment is that they are purely natural and therefore, have trivial or no side effects. For effective and expected outcomes, the treatments should be planned and followed for a longer duration of time, as suggested by the doctor.

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